Tablet Stand Features & Benefits

  • Hands-free use

    — multi-view, multi angle, multi-environment, and multi-device convenience

  • Durable

    — made out of aluminum and lightweight

  • Portable

    — easy to transport .can be folded down to within .75" and carried in a briefcase, purse, or backpack

  • Colorful

  • — match your personality
    — brand it with your company/organization's colors
    — engrave your logo on stand

  • Reclines & Rotates

  • — the tablet, via connection to jang*go, can be adjusted horizontally or vertically to any angle
    — allowing the tablet to be turned up to 360 degrees with just one finger, incrementally

  • Versatile

  • — use on a flat surface or suspended from under a cabinet or shelf or against a wall (in a stud)
    — accommodates phablets, other tablets or e-readers -- if less than 1.75 lbs and doesn't include a
    built-in kickstand
    — create a mini-desktop, supporting a WiFi keyboard and mouse

  • Sleekly designed!